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Gail Reichstein Rex, 1965-2016

She was my first acupuncturist and she met me at the physically and emotionally lowest point in my life with nurturing care. She helped me turn the tide of pain and sadness into healing transformation. It was Gail who said, "I think you should go to acupuncture school." It was Gail who taught me the importance of self-care when one's work is caring for others. It was Gail whose quiet dedication showed me that tending the spirit, stewarding the earth, and holding others' pain in loving presence is the highest calling. Her sudden passing leaves a hole in so many people's hearts, especially those of her loving husband and son. I hope to honor her spirit with every needle, with every step.

Gail wrote a wonderful book that is a perfect introduction to Chinese medicine, called "Wood Becomes Water: Chinese Medicine in Everyday Life". My copy has almost every sentence highlighted, as it was the first book about Chinese medicine that I ever read. If you want to know more about the art and beauty of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, this book is what you need.


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