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Jessica, I am feeling awesome this week :) I feel like a mermaid that is learning to walk on legs that function without pain. Moving is becoming so much easier. Life is easier. This is great! Thank you !  ~ Nicole F.

I suffered for 15 years from chronic pain, depression, and a host of digestive and internal problems. I was taking prescription medication to the point of addiction. I made my first appointment for acupuncture as sort of a last resort. I was a major skeptic of the science, and I am not a big fan of needles, but pain is a very powerful motivator.After just a few weeks of treatment I began to experience the significant relief I was looking for. Jessica worked diligently until she conquered every pain I had. She operates very systematically and methodically. Her science is very sound and she explains what she is doing in terms I can understand as she is doing it.I am proud to say that just 9 months later, I am on less than half the medications I used to take, and I look forward to the day when I am off pharmaceutical medication forever. I have sent Jessica as many friends and family as I could. Even my 13 year old daughter has experienced significant health improvements from just two treatments with Jessica!  Jessica DePete is a very rare talent, who simply cares about helping YOU feel better. Her skills and experience are extensive. She also continues to take classes and learn even more about her craft. My life has been significantly improved by her hand. I sincerely and emphatically thank you Jessica for everything you have done for me and my family. I hope that this letter will help you to heal others like you have healed me. - Jeremy Y.

From my very first treatment, I have known that the acupuncture performed by Jessica DePete is something special. I received nearly instant relief from years of neck pain and tension that was resistant to all of the medical treatments I tried, including drugs. In addition to the physical benefits I have derived, the treatments greatly reduce the emotional stress and tension that I am carrying at the time. The personal demeanor and overall attitude of Ms. DePete is both professional and relaxed, with a large-measure of “old-friend” added to make the experience of acupuncture a welcomed-event, even for the needle-wary. She has an old-soul and a master’s-touch, and I would be lost without her. – Carol G

Hi Jessica, I just have to let you know that my treatment yesterday has had a profoundly positive effect. I am feeling so much more me today, but me version 2.0--more grounded, clearer, centered, certain. optimistic and full of forward momentum [and you were right, I did sleep well last night.]. It's almost like taking off a heavy old coat and having the sun come out at the same time or changing out a bad fuse and having the lights come back on. It may have also had something to do with the timing--the winter solstice and all--but you know how I said I felt like a cat wriggling its rump, getting ready to pounce? Well, I'm pouncing! - Lisa F.

Jessica was referred to me by Acupuncture Great, Eva Berend, who treated me for over ten years and has since retired. Acupuncture with Eva always worked very well for me, and now I am very satisfied with Jessica. Her experience, technique, and knowledge have done wonders for my lower back and shoulder pain, and sometimes I even enjoy a simple tune-up! If you want to feel good about yourself, go see Jessica! - John S.

As a nurse, I had always been a little skeptical of acupuncture. Then I got shingles with loss of feeling and pain in my hands and wrists, and was told I would most likely have a permanent feeling loss. Then I decided to try acupuncture with Jessica. She is professional, knowledgeable, and skilled in the art (yes art!) of acupuncture. After only 3 sessions I had 98% of my feeling back and NO more pain!!! After I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and again began to experience some numbness in my hand, I headed back to Jessica and her healing touch!!! Thanks Jessica, for saving my work life--you are indeed a gifted and blessed professional and I am willing to travel 2 hours to see you! - Donna A

Acupuncture is an essential element in managing the symptoms of my chronic illness in conjunction with Western neurological practices. Acupuncture treats symptoms that drugs can only partially address. Acupuncture works on me like magic. I find it to be painless and effective. Besides treating my secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, it also treats my insomnia, constipation and many other ailments. - Ed B

“I went to see Jessica after a series of injuries while training for a marathon in May of 2009. Not only did she work resolve that issue, Jessica helped pinpoint the triggers that could aggravate and cause it to return. As a runner, it is critical to keep ahead of issues and because of her dedication I am now more in tune with my body. I have overcome many obstacles because of Jessica’s knowledge of a runners needs and will continue working with her as long as she is in practice. I actually consider her to be an important part of my training team and as a dear friend that cares about my overall health. In addition to my injuries, she has helped with headaches and allergies. I am a true believer in Acupuncture due to her commitment!!” – Gladys S.

Having suffered from chronic sinusitis since I can remember, I was tired of pharmaceutical treatments and their side-effects and cost. I decided to give acupuncture a try and a family member recommended Jessica. The rest is history. After about 15 sessions over the course of a year, my symptoms have improved dramatically to the point where I rarely need any drugs.  My sense of smell has been heightened and my overall energy level has made me feel much younger than my chronological age. Jessica is a very enthusiastic, empathic and conscientious practitioner of this ancient tradition. My hour-long sessions are like mini vacations and truly help me calm down from my busy lifestyle. Occasionally I have had muscle and joint pain issues from pushing it too hard and Jessica has helped ease the pain quickly by zeroing in on the right "meridians." Her expertise, based on years of experience, also includes dietary suggestions and herbal supplements without any hard sell. The cost of staying healthy naturally is much less expensive than the costly pharmaceutical remedies that usually just mask the real causes of our various maladies. You simply have to give it a try - you have more to gain than you realize! - Coach, Swiftwater,PA


My clients are the heart of Free Flow Acupuncture and each one deserves his or her own testimonial.  Living a healthy life takes courage and commitment, and I am honored to play a part in the ever-evolving process.